Zombie Bass Anglers

Kill as many Zombie Bass as you can and survive until the rescue team arrives to save you!!! Use the different tools at your disposal to fend them off and save the angler’s boat, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!! Fling the Zombie Bass away from the boat or tap and send them to their grave.
Stay in the game long enough to unlock the power-up’s. The power-up’s will help you, but beware!!! The longer you stay in the game, the more infested the Lake becomes with bigger and stronger Zombie Bass. You must beat the levels to rescue the angler. Power-ups to unlock are 9mm, Fish Food, Fishing Net, Hand Grenade, Biobor Force Field and the Apache Helicopter. If the Zombie Bass attack the boat more than 10 times, the boat is reduced to debris and you have to start all over again…

A percentage of all proceedss goes to SUPPORT Returning Heroes Home.
Visit them at http://www.returningheroeshome.org/

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ZombieBassAnglers Game Screenshots and Video Clip


 zba1 Zombie Bass Anglers  zba2 Zombie Bass Anglers
 zba3 Zombie Bass Anglers  zba4 Zombie Bass Anglers