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The organizations are involved in major charity events across the country dedicated to supporting fellow service members across the outdoors. Members volunteer their personal time to support these events each year. These are just a few of the ways the organizations live up to the SUPPORT pillar in their three-pronged mission statements.

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ArmyBassAnglers, ArmyRedfishAngler, ArmyBuckHunters, ArmyHogHunters & ArmyDuckHunters are not content with just fishing the toughest team tournaments or hunting experiences. More importantly, they use their ability to fish and hunt at the National Level with the support of nationally recognized corporate partners to raise awareness and generate support for some very noteworthy charitable causes and events. “We are ecstatic about the support provided by all our sponsors that enables us to carry out our SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH & HUNT mission”, says Roberson. The organizations dedicate a lot of time and effort to raising awareness and funds for (4) Grade A Task Force Non-Profits; Folds of Honor, Returning Heroes Home, Heroes on the Water and Warrior Canine Connection.

Comprised mostly active duty Soldiers, the members of the organizations have the very surreal responsibility to DEFEND this nation and the liberties we enjoy as Americans. Members of the organization are currently deployed around the world in multiple theaters of operation. It makes it tough to uphold these obligations supporting charity events and our corporate partners, but what makes the organizations & the Coalition unique is that our military backgrounds create a “take care of each other” mentality. “Each member has a “battle buddy” that he/she operates with within the outdoors and when one member can’t support the mission the other “rucks up” and carries the load for both of them, this is by design and is ingrained all our military training,” states Roberson.

Photo of Founder, Cody Roberson, with a bass

 “We are ecstatic about the support provided by all our sponsors that enables us to carry out our SUPPORT.DEFEND.FISH.HUNT mission.”

-Cody Roberson


Finally, and last on their list of “priorities of fire” is the FISH/HUNT pillars of the mission statement. Currently, our members fish and hunt all across the country and we utilize these outdoor opportunities as “combat multipliers” to promote the Task Force Non-Profits all while caring the torch as Ambassadors for our respective corporate partners. Cody Roberson, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, describes the organizations by saying, “We don’t consider ourselves professional fishermen or hunters, but professional Soldiers who just happen to be really good, avid anglers and outdoorsmen with a far more important mission.”