One Team, One Tournament and a very angry Sam Rayburn Reservoir

06011 One Team, One Tournament and a very angry Sam Rayburn Reservoir06012 One Team, One Tournament and a very angry Sam Rayburn Reservoir

For the first time since early January, theArmyBassAnglers East Division team of Mike Garrett and Jason Blackmon teamed back up to tackle Sam Rayburn Reservoir for the 4th stop of the Skeeter Bass Champstournament trail. The day started out with all teams allowed to trailer their boats due to forecasted 30-35 MPH winds across the East Texas region. The wind was howling when we launched the boats, and it never stopped” stated Blackmon. Blackmon and Garret would target post spawn fish directly in the wind and would give their Returning Heroes Home Wrapped Skeeter ZX250 a workout all day. The team would start the day in an obscure location that on the surface looks like nothing. When we pulled up to the first spot, I asked Jason if he was sure about this spot because it looked like the moon” stated Garrett. On the very first cast Blackmon hooked up with the first keeper of the day using a Fury Lures square bill crankbait. Within 5 minutes the team had their limit. Our plan was to catch a limit as quick as possible and then throw swimbaits the rest of the day with the intentions of upgrading our catch.” The game plan would work to perfection as the team would catch over 50 fish and cull 10 times throughout the course of the day, however, the kicker bite they were looking for was elusive. We stuck to our game plan and Mike put on a clinic with that swimbait. I hooked up with a solid keeper  and as I was getting ready to cull out a smaller fish, Mike sticks another one and not only replaces the one in the livewell, I just threw mine back as well” stated an hysterically laughing Blackmon. Even though the team didn’t have to drive 30 miles by lake back to the weigh in site, the ride back to their launch wasn’t any easier. The lake was so rough the Minn Kota Talon shallow water anchor was basically ripped off the bracket holding it on the boat. Jason basically had to wrap a rope around his foot just in order to keep the Talon together so we could get back to the ramp.” For their efforts the team would weigh in a respectable 14.56 pounds and finish just outside the money. Blackmon and Garret would like to thank all the sponsors of ArmyBassAnglers for providing quality gear. Our team sponsors provide us with the best products on the market, and on a lake with these conditions, we needed all the help we could get!”

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