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Red Apple - Bait Corn

$ 11.99


There were a dozen deer grazing in the sendero. They were feeding on the Red Delicious Apple Corn you had spread the night before. Among them was a very respectable nine point and a mature ten point with a 20 inch spread.

Holding out for the buck you had studied on the game camera, your breath caught when he finally stepped out. Easily 22 inches wide, he sported 12 points, not counting the two 6 inch drop tines. Clearly dominant, he strode forward…..400 yards…..350 yards…..300 yards…..
Sweet and aromatic, red delicious apples are a bright and crisp health food. The Bait Corn Company has mated this fine fruit with corn to formulate Red Delicious Apple Corn. Deer can’t resist it.


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